A Message in a Bottle


We received a very exciting letter in Nursery. We are used to receiving messages in the post but this one came in a bottle!


The letter was from Pirate Jake! He wanted us to help him with some special pirate jobs but first we had to answer some questions to see if we were ready!

Jake asked us how old we were, the city we lived in, what we were good at and what we liked to eat.

We worked together to sound out words and write a reply to Pirate Jake. All the children had a turn at writing the letters they knew.



We put our message in a bottle. Luckily one of our teachers was going to the beach so we asked them to send our message back to Jake.


What were we learning? 

We listened for the sounds in words.

We sounded out words to read and write them.

We all had a turn at writing letters.

We shared the letters we knew how to write independently, such as the letters from our name.

You can continue this learning at home writing cards and letters to family and friends.


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