Phonics Fun



We have a new favourite phonics game!

In phonics we have been trying very hard to learn our initial sounds. We learnt the first sounds in our names and our friends’ names. Then we started to find the first sounds in other words around the classroom.

Today we have been playing a new phonics game.


First I wrote a sound on some post-it notes. We went for a hunt around the classroom looking for as many things as we could find starting with that sound.


Then children thought of the sounds they wanted to search for. If they knew the letters they wrote them on the post-its.


Then it got a bit trickier, the children chose something they wanted to stick a post-it to. But before they could stick a post-it they had to write the sound first.


Finally we got into teams and had a race! The children were given a letter post-it and had to race to find something that started with that sound!


We had so much fun playing our new game the children got into teams and played it themselves all afternoon!


What could you do at home? 

I spy is a great way to practise initial sounds.

Help children look out for letters in the environment; on labels, books and signs.

Try to listen for the first sounds in new words or people’s names

If you have post-its you can play this game at home too!


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