Learning Makaton


As many of you will know we have started learning a little Makaton in Nursery.

Makaton is a way of helping the children to communicate through signing. The children say the word and sign an action at the same time to help show what they want to say.

Makaton helps children who struggle with communicating clearly with others. We have been teaching basic Makaton to all the children in Nursery. This allows the children in Nursery to communicate with each other regardless of their level of language.

You might have seen some of our Makaton signing during our story telling workshops. We have also been learning basic signs we use everyday.

Below are photos of the children doing the signs and an explanation of how to do the sign. You can use this to see what children are signing or you may use it to learn Makaton with your children at home.


If you would like to know more about Makaton, please speak to a member of Nursery staff.


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