Global Citizenship


This week is Global Citizenship week in school.

We have been doing different activities to help us understand; own actions and how they affect others, where we live and where other places are, living things and their needs.

First we thought about ourselves and where we lived.

We used maps and a globe to look at the world and find out where we live and where people who are important to us live.

DSCF2487 DSCF2488 DSCF2489 DSCF2491 DSCF2493

Next we used boxes to show our place in the world. We had a big box that said ‘earth’ and smaller boxes inside showing the country and city that we live in and our area in the city.


Then we talked about people who live in different areas and cities. We matched photos of Sheffield and England to the right boxes.


After that we sang a song about where we live.


Then we thought about other places in the world. We looked at our clothes and toys and find out that some had come from very far away! Then we looked at the labels on our snack and used the map to find the countries our fruit had come from.

Next we thought about right and wrong and being fair.

In our maths area we shared things out unfairly then tried to share them out fairly.


We talked about how it felt when things weren’t fair and other things we didn’t think were fair. We talked about our class rules in nursery and what happens when we do something unkind. Then children shared what happens when they make the wrong choice at home.

Finally we thought about living things. We spent some time looking after our class snail Gary.

DSCF2501 DSCF2499

We gave him some more vegetables from our mud kitchen and a spray of water. We decided that looking after Gary would be somebody’s special job each day. Then we thought about the living things outside. We looked at the plants and flowers that were starting to grow and watered them to help them grow.

Global Citizenship week has taught us about: 

Our place in the world, things that are close to us and things that are far away.

What it means when something is fair or unfair and how that makes us feel.

How we have an important job to look after living things like plants and animals.


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