Movement Groups


We have been trying lots of different activities to build up the children’s confidence and encourage their talking.

One group the children love is our movement group time.

We use different fabrics, music and materials to encourage the children to listen to and follow instructions and take a role in our learning time.

First we have a big piece of Lycra. We use this for stretching and twisting. We sat on it and under it and lifted it over our heads. We even chose a friend to sit in the middle and carefully moved them around on the Lycra.


Next we chose scarves out of a feely bag. First we chose what we wanted to do with the scarves then we followed instructions, like putting them on our heads or arms and sitting on them. The children then made up their own instructions and chose to hide the scarves in their jumpers!


We used ribbon on sticks to make big movements, drawing circles in the air and making snakes on the ground. We moved the ribbons to the music changing the speed and size of our movements.


We tried hard to balance bean bags, first on our feet and then on our heads. It was very tricky to balance and move! We then played throwing games into the basket.


At the end more children chose to join us to use the big scrunchy. We held the inside and outside of it, standing up and sitting down, moving in and out and working as a team.


What were we learning?



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