Fine Motor Skills


This week in nursery we have been trying hard with our fine motor skills. These are important to help us to get ready for writing.

In the sand tray we have been using our new tweezers to pick up small objects and count them into tubs. We have also been using chopsticks because we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The chopsticks were the trickiest!


In the water tray we have been using special squeezy pipettes to help make our fingers stronger. We have been been using jugs and beakers to fill and pour.


In the play dough we have had letters this week. We have used them to practise recognising our letters and stamping the letters in our name. We have also been using the rollers and tweezers to help make our hands stronger.


On the quiet table we have had cotton buds, water and chalk boards. We dipped our cotton bud in the water then used it to make a pattern. After a few seconds it disappeared!


All these activities help to get us ready for writing. At home you can help your children get ready for writing with activities like play dough, drawing, painting, threading, jigsaws and using small objects such as Lego.


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