Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt


We have had lots of fun doing our Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt today!

We love to hunt for things outside and we have hunted for letters, shapes, numbers and colours before but this hunt was a bit different.

Instead of reading the clues we had QR codes to find. We had to use the Ipad to scan the QR and then the clue would appear!


Once we had scanned the codes we could read the clues with an adult. All the clues had positional language in to help us find the next object. Some things were hiding on top, inside, behind or next to other things. We had to listen carefully to the clue before we went searching.


When we found each clue we also got a Valentine’s treat. We needed to find all 6 treats to fill our egg box. The last treat was the best because we could eat it!


We had lots of fun on our hunt, look our for QR codes in our classroom that you can scan to find out about what has been happening in nursery.

079 080 081


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