We have recently started using Numicon in nursery for lots of our activities.

Last week we used Numicon to match numbers, Numicon and real objects.

This week we have been matching the Numicon as we count out amounts.

Some of the children have started doing their own learning with the Numicon. They have been counting out the Numicon and matching the pieces together to find how many they have altogether!


L held a 2 Numicon piece on one hand and a 1 Numicon on the other.

L – “look this makes 3”

He collected more pieces.

L – “how many do you think it is now? It’s 6!”

He then collected even more pieces.

L – “Too many for my fingers! I’ve got erm…what comes after 19?”

KH – “20”

L – “Then 21? 22,23,24,25,26,27, there’s 27”

He picked up an 8 Numicon piece

L – “I’m number 8”

Then looked at the photo I had taken and recognised the piece.

L – “You know on the picture, next to blue and orange? That’s 8”

L turned to his friend and realised he needed a 1 piece to make 4.

L – “I need the orange one so I can make four”

When L was looking at the Numicon he started to combine the pieces together to find how many he had. He then started to recognise the pieces of Numicon by their shape. He looked at the pieces and knew what he needed next to make the number he wanted.


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