Asking Questions


This week we have been thinking about how to ask questions to find out more.

We have been thinking of things we would like to find out about buildings then asking questions about them. It was sometimes tricky to turn our ideas into a question.

Here are some of the things we wanted to find out about buildings:

  1. “Why do houses have curtains?”
  2. “Why haven’t schools got curtains?”
  3. “Why do walls have pictures on them?”
  4. “Why are houses built of bricks?”
  5. “Why are schools made of bricks?”
  6. “Is the new school going to be bigger?”
  7. “Is this school going to be knocked down when we go to our new school?”
  8. “How can they (builders) build a house?”
  9. “Why do we live in a house?”
  10. “Why do shops have two doors?”
  11. “Why do shops have big doors?”
  12. “Why do Asda put blocks on their roof?”
  13. “Why do McDonalds have this thing (an M) on their roof?”
  14. “Why has Meadowhall got a circle roof?”
  15. “Why is the house roof a triangle?”

Then we tried to find the answers by;

  • looking in non-fiction books for information
  • looking on the internet
  • asking people who might know
  • talking to each other
  • looking at buildings and visiting a building site to find out more



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