Writing Journals


This year in nursery we have started writing journals. We have been practicing our mark making, drawing and writing. Have a look at some of the activities we’ve been doing.

First the children had four circles on their page and could choose to draw whatever they wanted, we thought about how to hold our pencil.


When we read the story of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Who do you See?’ the children copied their names and coloured their friend. We thought about drawing faces and choosing colours.


Sometimes we tell stories, the children had an outline of a bear to colour and add details to, like grass or a cave. The children then told a story about bears, either retelling parts of stories they knew or thinking of their own.


After making potions the children drew and wrote ingredients for their own potions. They talked about why they needed them in the potion and what the potion would do. We thought about the difference between drawing and writing.


We also have lots of chances to practice our names, do you practice your writing at home?



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